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Uncharted Seas

Learning to trust ourselves is much like a sailboat out at sea. Each of us is learning how to navigate the uncharted waters of being alcohol-free. There are times it is blissful. Smooth breezes and calm waters make the sea glisten and sparkle like chip diamonds reflecting the sun's rays. You bask in the beauty of it all. Then there are days when the fog rolls in and you can barely see your vessel. It's dark, murky, and the wind is blowing your sails out of control.

These unpredictable shifts in the winds of life, make you pull your sails up and down to regain control again at sea, it can be exhausting at times. Boats require a lot of maintenance and care. We must honor her needs, honor what serves her and what does not.

We look at our vessel with great admiration, as she has taken you to many great destinations. When we listen to her, letting her guide us on these ever-changing waters, we can trust she is directing us back to the shores of safety. She is our greatest navigation system.

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