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Most people think that in order to acknowledge and address a drinking problem, you must first hit rock bottom, but this heartfelt story reveals the truth that gray area drinking comes in many shades. Alcohol consumption exists on a spectrum with a vast range of dependency in the middle. Gray area drinking unconsciously haunts most people until it becomes a problem. Our society is inundated with pro-drinking messages that make unhealthy drinking habits look normal, just one of the many insidious lies of alcohol.

In Intoxicating Lies, you will find the relatable story of one mom’s journey to freedom—not only from gray area drinking but also from the shame and guilt that crushed her sense of worth and inner knowing. This book uncovers surprising insights into the alcohol industry and our society’s obsession with the mommy wine culture. 


With practical advice and friendly wisdom from a mom who has seen life through wine colored glasses, this book should be every woman’s guide to living in authentic freedom from alcohol’s intoxicating lies. 



Meg’s passion for her message is woven throughout this brave and vulnerable recounting of her journey to freedom from gray area drinking. She did the grueling work of not only understanding why she wanted to leave alcohol behind, but carefully examining what alcohol has to offer. The truths she uncovered and the certainty in her decision are nothing short of inspiring. 


- B.D. from Iowa




Intoxicating Lies has been so helpful in my sober curious journey. Helping to face uncertainty and not squashing it has helped me realize that the messy can be beautiful. It also has shown me to trust in myself and show up for myself. Realizing that while trying to control everything, I wasn’t trusting myself and using alcohol to help release the feeling of having to control everything. This book is insightful, relatable and full of great information and resources for anyone looking to change their relationship with alcohol regardless of where they are in the process.


- A.D - Delaware


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