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Should's and Shame

My book journey has taken me through all the very things I write about in it. In some cosmic way, it was the honoring of a woman who did the best she could at the time, realizing her coping mechanisms were no longer serving her when she became alcohol-free and the rebirth of stepping into her truth, herself, joy, and God’s will for her life.

It is the letting go of the “shoulds and shame” that this world bestows on women-- who carry it like a cross to bear. When we look to, “I should have done this or I should do that”, we turn our backs on our inner knowing, looking outside ourselves for validation.

Did you know a snake sheds her skin three to twelve times a year?

A quote from my upcoming book, “Trusting my own judgment for the first time in my life again was like the snake shedding off her old skin. The process is a necessary one to fully enter into the best version of yourself. There is no shame in the old skin that sheds off. A snake’s skin comes off all in one piece, which allows you to see the outline of her old body, her old life. Her old skin, her past which made her who she is today, is not a reflection of shame or guilt, but rather just an old form of you that was constricted by society, trauma, familial, or cultural beliefs. She was coping the best way she knew how to.”

This is an ongoing practice of letting go over and over again. These coping mechanisms were there to protect me. I honor them now which allows me to let go of shame and guilt.

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