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It's only one drink

As a gray area drinker, we hear all the time in our sober curious journey, “Can I have just one on occasion?” We believe the lie that since we haven’t drank in awhile…we are better, so why not? If you are still thinking like this (I know I did many months after ditching the drink) then you are still in a deprivation mindset.

You still believe you need alcohol to celebrate, deserve it as a reward, or need it as a crutch. Once we see the truth that alcohol provides none of this and is ethanol, a toxin, a carcinogen, and poison—we can see that just by putting it in a pretty glass, putting an umbrella in it, or putting up on a pedestal is a trick and a lie that traps us into thinking it isn’t that bad. It doesn’t change the fact that it is what it is—a highly addictive drug and depressant that is making us sick.

I have compassion for those who are still stuck in the deprivation mindset. Sadly, I was there for a long time too. My hope is that the more we reveal the truth about what alcohol is doing to our mind, body and spirit, we will wake up to the lies we have been fed for years about it and no longer see a need for it at all.

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