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- Best-selling author and speaker of Intoxicating Lies: One Woman's Journey to Freedom from Gray Area Drinking

Meg is a best-selling author who found herself trapped in the mommy wine culture. She began her sober-curious journey in November 2019, completing all three of the Sober Sis programs: The 21-Day Reset; Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Course; and The Quest. Flipping the script of silence in the mommy wine culture, Meg is dedicated to lifting up a community of women who find themselves trapped in gray area drinking.

Meg never hit a “rock bottom.”

Most people think that in order to acknowledge and address a drinking problem, you must first hit rock bottom, but this heartfelt story reveals the truth that gray area drinking comes in many shades. Alcohol consumption exists on a spectrum with a vast range of dependency in the middle. Gray area drinking unconsciously haunts most people until it becomes a problem. Our society is inundated with pro-drinking messages that make unhealthy drinking habits look normal, just one of the many insidious lies of alcohol.

In Intoxicating Lies, you will find the relatable story of one mom’s journey to freedom—not only from gray area drinking but also from the shame and guilt that crushed her sense of worth and inner knowing. This book uncovers surprising insights into the alcohol industry and our society’s obsession with the mommy wine culture. 


With practical advice and friendly wisdom from a mom who has seen life through wine colored glasses, this book should be every woman’s guide to living in authentic freedom from alcohol’s intoxicating lies. 



If you’re questioning your drinking or curious if you might be a gray area drinker, Meg gives a well-documented account of the gray area drinking experience — an experience many women will relate to!

- Jolene Park,

Lead Authority on Gray Area Drinking



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Photography: Robbyn Dodd Photography: Meg with her Sober Sisters


I know you will enjoy reading Intoxicating Lies as much as I have. Meg encourages open conversation and extends an invitation to see alcohol differently...exposing the intoxicating lies that the marketing and messaging whispers (or screams) to us women everyday! Meg has a way of taking the truths she learned and breathes in a fresh perspective through her personal experience! Enjoy this page turner!


-Jenn Kautsch

CEO & Founder of Sober Sis


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