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Hello! I am so glad you are here!

Welcome to your unique journey to authentic freedom!

Whether you’re ready for a big change, feel something is off, or are sober curious, you have come to the right place! Something brought you here. I am assuming it was that small, inner voice telling you something is not right and that you deserve better. Listen to her. When I listened to my inner knowing, the world around me changed for the better.

I applaud you for being curious! Curiosity and understanding are the antidote for self-judgment.

It isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. 

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope my words and stories allow you to be seen, heard, and validated. In my book, Intoxicating Lies: One Woman’s Journey to Freedom from Gray Area Drinking, I take you on my journey to freedom from not only gray area drinking, but also to rediscovering our sense of worth and inner knowing.

Thanks for being here. Now, let’s begin the journey together!

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This book is both inspiring and timely! Many people question their relationship with alcohol, stuck in that confusing space between moderation and addiction. In Intoxicating Lies, author Meg Geisewite brings much-needed clarity, guidance, and hope in her beautiful and vulnerable personal story . . . a narrative that may well resonate with you. She courageously shares her own transformative journey of overcoming gray area drinking and the vicious cycle of shame, all while shining a light on the traps, lies, and manipulation perpetuated by the alcohol industry and blindly accepted by society. As we walk with Meg on her path to freedom, our eyes and hearts are opened to many hard-hitting truths—the most important one being the power of hearing our own inner truth.


- Cari Rose, Transformational Coach + Consultant


Want to know where my journey started?

Jenn Kautsch, CEO and Founder of Sober Sis, gave me a roadmap to start and continue to be successful! Click here to learn more.



If this memoir was a recipe you'd have heaping scoops of triumph over trauma, generous handfuls of self-help and the path to spirituality, spades of a deeply felt coming of age story, a dash of finding yourself, a lot of education infused with lyrical writing and honest assessments. I loved this book. I saw myself in this book. This book is for every woman who has bought the pack of lies our culture is selling. You will come alive with Meg, take stock of what you want out of your precious life, and use the strategic and easy tools she has laid out to make substantial changes. Sober or not, you will see yourself on these pages and leave inspired. 


- A.P., Maryland


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